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About MA

Who We Are

At MA Farm we feel incredibly blessed that we get to do what we love. We love the aina and the ohana that support us by buying and eating our fresh vegetables free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We practice organic farming methods because its the right thing to do to regenerate the earth, organic produce is proven to be up to 40% higher in life saving anti-oxidants, it tastes wonderful and we eat the food we grow!


Our Food First Nursery allows homeowners to purchase high-quality food trees and plants individually or as part of our Family Food Forest complete food security package.


Through our non-profit Well Fed Ohana, we teach families in need to grow their own highly nutritious island-based food forests, make available our organic produce to our local farmers market, and fulfill prescribed food as medicine, the important new trend in health care.  All proceeds from MA Farm go to Well Fed Ohana to expand our holistic approach to food security and abundance in Hawaii.


Our Story

Our Roots Grow Deep

From learning to farm in India in the early 1970's, to caretaking the edible landscape at the UH energy house, studying Whole Life Systems at the Farallones Institute Bruce Campbell has always been drawn to the aina as an integral part of life.

After a long career in educational software development and small business web production, Bruce was able to "get back to the garden" in 2019 when Ma Farm was established in Kamilonui Valley, Hawaii Kai.

In 2021 we moved the farm and re-established it in Waimanalo where the environment has been very supportive and the aina has been wonderfully fruitful.  In 2022 Ma Farm we have expanded our vegetable garden to include 12 kalo mala's, bananas, 'ulu, avocado and citrus trees as well as 30 happy egg laying chickens.

MA Farm launched our Food First Nursery  in 2023 with the  goal of getting  Hawaiian and Island traditional food trees and plants into family yards and community spaces. Our sister Non-Profit ~Well Fed Ohana ~ focuses on providing those same food plants and the knowledge of how to grow and make them the foundation of our diet to the people of the ahupua'a of Waimanalo. We particularly focus on our kupuna, homeless, and families who are struggling to provide food to their ohana in these challenging times. 


We invite you to come grow with us as a volunteer, regular customer or donate to the Well Fed Ohana.

Mission and Aspirations

A Pono Aina Farm

"The life of the land (aina) is preserved in righteousness (pono)"

We strive to farm in the right way to work in harmony with the living land of Hawaii.

We believe that natural, organic and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy culture in Hawai'i. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious produce while engaging with the community of Oahu by providing our salad vegetables first to the Ranch Ohana and then to the surrounding community through various avenues and future family-friendly farm activities and events. We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by using the most environmentally friendly growing techniques. Learn more about our work process by contacting us.

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