About Us

Who We Are

Restoring Lives, Restoring Land. MA FARM helps persons seeking to find a place to work in Hawaii to develop skills in sustainable food production while providing fresh delicious produce directly to our community.

At MA Farm we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We love the aina and the ohana that supports us by buying and eating our fresh chemical pesticide free vegetables.


Our Story

Our Roots Grow Deep

In July 2019 while helping an unemployed friend find a place to use his talents in Hawaii I visited Manai'a Cassava Plantation, a farm I had helped in the past to find customers and obtain grants.

I asked about the cucumber farmer that was farming on their land and found he had gone back to Taiwan to take care of his parents. The nine greenhouses were abandoned, overgrown, and in bad shape but we saw the potential there.

I had a deep and abiding interest in sustainable and restorative agriculture since living in Auroville, India. Later I studied whole-systems farming at the Farallones Institute and enrolled in UH Manoa School of Tropical Agriculture. There I took care of the edible garden at the prototypical Energy House of campus.

After graduating from UH Manoa I took a different path into the world of educational technology and web production and now I had an opportunity to return to those early roots in the Aina.

Manai'a told us they had several people interested in leasing the farm and so after prayer and taking a leap of faith we signed on to a 3-month trial after which we could mutually decide on a longer-term lease.

We went to work cleaning out and repairing the grounds and the greenhouses and started planting lettuce and cucumbers for the plantation guests next door. However when Covid 19 hit we had to find other markets. We set up a contactless, honor system, roadside veggie stand for the local community and started selling at Aloha Farmlovers farmers market, Hawaii Farm Bureau market and Kaiser High School.

To get the work done we reached out and hired help. Each person has brought their own personality to MA Farm and has grown in skill and spirit as a result of their time here.

Stuart, Richard, Gio, Emily, Chloe, Dante, Danny, Sienna, Zen, Leigh, Mio & Hiroko...In addition, my wife Hatsumi not only works at the farm but also the markets and outreach through social media.

Some work on the farm can only be done in teams and nothing is more gratifying than working together to achieve a tangible goal.

Now it is just over one year since we took over stewardship of this farm and through many hard-won lessons we have achieved full restoration and planting of all 9 greenhouses and we look forward to sharing the bounty of MA Farm with you in the years ahead,


Mission and Aspirations

An Environmental and Natural Farm

We believe that natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious produce while engaging with the community of Honolulu by providing our roadside veggie stand, selling direct at Farmlovers Farmers Markets, and in the future family-friendly farm activities and events. We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by using the most environmentally friendly growing techniques. Learn more about our work process by contacting us.

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