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Well Fed Ohana

Growing Your Own Food - Island Style

The Well Fed Ohana is a holistic approach to restoring a healthy life based on growing and eating our own food from the gift of the aina. 

Our mission is to feed people experiencing homelessness and families facing poverty with healthy nutritious food that they grow themselves here in Hawai’i as part of restoring ‘food sovereignty’ to all of Hawaii’s Ohanas. 

Each man will sit under his vine
   and under his fig tree,
and no one will make them afraid...

Micah 4:4


What We Do

What you can do with us

The Plant Ohana

  • We curate a collection of traditional Hawaiian and tropical plants that can feed a family in case of any kind of emergency giving them independence and accomplishment that will help them grow in all other areas of their lives. 

  • We promote the growing and utilization of healthy foods and natural healing medicinal plants 

  • We also provide training in integrating chickens for eggs as a protein sources well as producing the highest quality fertilizer for the food plants.


Doing More...



  • We develop, demonstrate and prepare meals that are culturally and nutritionally nourishing and satisfying that drive a transition to a healthier diet and healthier life.

  • We teach Ohanas how to prepare these meals and provide them with the cookware and utensils to make the preparation easy and fun.  with you!

Your Hale, Your Food

  • We help each ohana plan, prepare, plant and maintain their food garden.

  • We train your ohana in natural farming techniques that use indigenous microorganisms and the best local inputs of organic bone meal, top soil, bio char to supercharge all of their plants organically. 

  • Your food should burst with the mana of the aina!

  • We show our Ohanas how they can share what they grow as part of a community as well as give them outlets to sell any extra produce that they grow. 

  • We set up home, community and regional based processing for producing flour, oil, and preserved fruits and vegetables (for example ulu flour, kalo flour, coconut oil, mac nut oil) 

  • We help our people to construct inexpensive hoop houses for growing fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash in bags so that they can produce in any kind of soil condition. 

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