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 Otea 'Ulu Plants 18 months old.


Originally from French Polynesia, this variety is round and firm with a similar taste and texture to Hawaiian ‘ulu. 


Can give fruit in about 1 year from now!


Grown in 10 gallon bags of MA Mix 4 to 5 ft tall : $150

Grown in 20 gallon bags of Ma Mix 6 to 7 ft tall : $225


Ma Mix : Island  sifted soil, rock phosphate, mychrorrizae, biochar, island bone meal, sustane organic slow release fertilizer, IMO5 Indigenous Microorganisms from MA Chickens, EM1 biologic, MA Compost and more....


All Food Nursery plants are in sturdy cloth bags nurtured in Ma Mix, our Super Soil for Super PLants. 

Buy Ma Mix here


 Join the Revoulution and provide ono, nutritious food to your ohana for generations.


Otea 'Ulu Plant

PriceFrom $150.00
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