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From Ma Farm to your Plate: The Importance of Local Farms in Hawaii 

Imagine sitting down for

a delicious salad filled with crisp rainbow salad, sweet juicy tomatoes and crunchy fresh cucumbers. Sounds delicious yes? And do you want to know what the best part of that would be? It would be knowing that what you’re eating is organic, local, fresh and sustainable. What a dream. Unfortunately, eating local has increasingly become more and more of a challenge due to the lack of local farms that are available within the state of Hawaii. Luckily, with Ma Farm being so accessible, this dream salad is close as ever to becoming a reality. The benefits of local farms in Hawaii has been one of the most talked about topics throughout the history of the food industry within the state. Here are some reasons that eating local food such as Ma Farm’s delicious produce will be beneficial to you and those around you! 

  1. Food Security: Hawaii currently imports 85% of its food. To remedy this situation we need to take action to integrate small-scale regenerative agricultural systems (such as local farms). In light of unreliable energy sources and unpredictable circumstances concerning Covid-19, it is as important as ever to ensure this security. 

  2. Strengthening our Community: Locally grown food helps build communities because when you buy directly from the farmer, you are engaging in a connection between eater and grower. Knowing farmers gives you insight into the seasons, the land and your food. In many cases, it gives you access to a place where your children and grandchildren can go to learn about nature and agriculture. Ma Farm has a team that is incredibly kind and committed to customer service. Let us be a part of your ohana!  

  3. Sustainable: By buying local, you are improving your carbon footprint. Local food doesn’t have to travel as far to arrive on your plate, so it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We must remember to MAhalo da Aina! 

  4. Health benefits: Local farming increases the availability of whole foods (such as fruits and veggies), which enables people to avoid processed, unhealthy foods. When you compare a fresh flavorful Ma Farm salad to a can of say, canned spinach: the choice is undeniably easy. Furthermore, produce such as tomatoes, greens and cucumbers are susceptible to nutrient loss when harvested and transported from long distances. Eat local and be healthy! 

  5. Economic Benefits: Interestingly enough, local food is actually an investment for the future! By supporting local food sources such as Ma Farm, you are helping to ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow and beyond. This directly relates to contributing to the preservation of energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint. Eat local, save money and save the environment.   

Eating local is a wonderful way to give back and strengthen the communities we live in. Ma Farms specializes in organic, fresh pro

duce that is grown in the beautiful neighborhood of Hawaii Kai. The dream salad from earlier is just around the corner! From Ma farm to your plate, join our Ohana today !

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